Business And Taxes

tax-pieCurrently, businesses and the tax can not be separated from one another. Where there is the potential economic benefit, there will usually be a business activity. Wherever there is a business there is a tax that represents the interests of the state.

All business activities will not be spared from the tax liability. For the supply of goods and or services performed will be no duty to collect, deposit and report Value Added Tax (VAT). For that there are various obligations of administrative should be run like creating a Tax Invoice, fill Tax Payment (SSP) and then pay it to the state treasury through a bank or post office and fill Tax (SPT) and to report to the Tax Office (KPP) in where the employer is registered. When in running the business profits have been made, then the employer must pay the income tax (VAT). Not to mention the obligation to withhold income tax on the income of the other party through the mechanism of withholding tax.

Taxes have a very strategic position in the business. This means that the tax could affect the continuity of business an entrepreneur. Many examples of cases in the field that has happened, there are companies that are forced to shut down just because the issue of taxation, regardless of which one, the entrepreneur or the tax system.

Employers should be aware of this. Therefore, before determining its business policy, tax laws Employers should integrate in it. Every business decision will usually cause the transaction, each transaction will involve the flow of funds or money and any flow of money in business is very likely to be exposed to taxation. In this case, in the minds of entrepreneurs should always be wary of tax could impact income tax, VAT and other taxes. In addition, in view of profit, the entrepreneur must be oriented to Net Income After Tax, not just profits, but profits should already incorporate tax costs in its calculations.

This awareness is needed for an entrepreneur of the role and importance of the business tax. Employers should pay attention to, preparing and anticipating all possibilities that will happen with regard to taxes. And when you need to perform repairs or corrections to prevent greater losses. With this way of thinking entrepreneurs will be able to predict all possibilities that will happen in the future.

Otherwise, errors will usually accumulate in relatively long time so that its value will continue to increase in size as well. Errors that are not recognized will be a time bomb that could explode at any moment.

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